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Coffee Horoscope – Aquarius

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All of those coffee making skills you acquired over the years will come in handy when a desperate Libra comes to you in a coffee need. This will inspire you to break out the recipe books and learn a few more! Go Wild – Invent your own and give it a cool name. Be ready and available when you are invited to a party later in the week, most likely as a designated driver as everyone knows you always maintain a good 180mg of caffeine in your system. Don’t let the popularity go to your head. A kind Capricorn will form an unexpected bond with you over a non-coffee coffee (Strawberry Frappuccino) at Starbucks. Stay happy!

Aquarius Coffee Personality Traits

The most friendly astrological signs! Don’t be surprised when an Aquarius offers to share a coffee. They can play as if they do not know what is going on in select cafe situations, but underneath the vague understanding is a solid comprehension. Gregarious with a touch of connect-ability. Always willing to offer advice when you need help deciding between a latte and a cold-brew cappuccino.

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