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Coffee Horoscope – Cancer

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This may be the week you find out one of your friends has switched to decaf. This could be a traumatic week for you. Let your emotions go and swig back a double espresso and forget about them, they probably weren’t meant to be your friend. Use your own personal power and confidence to order a Starbucks drink with 12 words in the title.

We recommend the Double Hazel Nut latte, Half-Decaf with a Shot of Espresso (Colombian Roast) with Non-Fat Milk and Two Tablespoons of Foam, with Room for Cream.

Cancer Coffee Personality Traits –

A coffee for a Cancer is often an emotional experience. They can see BEYOND the brown color of the coffee. Upon entering a busy environment a Cancer can easily detect who is an who isn’t a coffee drinker.. They have a knack for knowing exactly what kind of coffee you want to order before you know what YOU want to order. Cancer, the Coffee Medium.

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