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Coffee Horoscope – Capricorn

Posted: While Drinking Coffee!   |   Funny Coffee Horoscopes

Make sure you finish each coffee you start today. You should not start a cup of coffee you can’t finish. Slow down and enjoy each cup. Cool it with the double espresso shots today – DON’T go total decaf either! Your will need to be alert for the surprise meeting with the boss – stay confident and it will go well. You will get an unexpected coffee recipe from an old friend – have a pen ready.

Capricorn Coffee Personality Traits

A common trait is the tendency to set goals and have a clear plan when it comes to a coffee. They will have the entire coffee brewing process planned out and will not rest until they obtain the desired coffee, even if it takes longer than expected. A Capricorn coffee is always a success story. The Capricorn’s sense of humor is akin to a very dry cappuccino. They will often be the only person laughing.

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