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Coffee Horoscope – Leo

Posted: While Drinking Coffee!   |   Funny Coffee Horoscopes

You seem to have your head in the foam of a large cappuccino this week. Truth be told – you have better things on your mind than coffee. You may lose a few good coffee friends this week. Try not to worry about this – You need to resolve your issues with instant coffee at Starbucks. A good non-coffee coffee like a Strawberry and Banana Viviano at Starbucks may be the break you are looking for. Resume your regular coffee habit later in the week and be refreshed by the weekend.

Leo Coffee Personality Traits –

Exuberant without conceit. Be prepared to roll out the red carpet for the Leo coffee drinker. High-spirited and not afraid to show it! A Leo can hardly contain silence when receiving their coffee order. Glorious! Splendid! My my, look how beautiful! Is this not the BEST LOOKING coffee you’ve seen today?! Hang on, I need to get a selfie with this fresh coffee! The king, or queen, of the coffee jungle has arrived.

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