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Coffee Horoscope – Sagittarius

Posted: While Drinking Coffee!   |   Funny Coffee Horoscopes

Expect a coffee surprise in your inbox today. You may receive several free coffee offers, all will be very tempting, but you must choose the one that could result in the most coffee. It is time to slow down on the free coffee this week.Just because it is free, doesn’t mean its good. A single Scorpio may come to your aid in your coffee decisions – the help will change your coffee life.

Sagittarius Coffee Personality Traits –

The Sagittarius, or “Sag”, is a fire sign in the almighty zodiac. A Sagittarius will be all over the place in terms of favorite coffee drinks. In fact, a Sag will often be seen drinking TWO different coffee drinks at the same time. They’ll want to learn everything they can about a new coffee drink. Be ready to answer any and all questions. A globe-crossing coffee adventure is the mode of travel for the Sagittarius. They’ll remember that time they went to Peru to have a double espresso, including all the details.

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