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Coffee Horoscope – Virgo

Posted: While Drinking Coffee!   |   Funny Coffee Horoscopes

This is the week you have the urge to calculate how much you spend per week for coffee at Starbucks. This might cause a lot of worry. Try exploring other options like McCafe or Dunkin Donuts Coffee. As a last resort you can brew at home and bring it to Starbucks for the coffee shop experience. A raise at work will put an end to all your coffee worries. Celebrate with a Venti at Starbucks this Friday. Go for it!

Virgo Coffee Personality Traits –

The Virgo is an earth sign represented by all things natural and vegan. Often mistaken for a herbal tea drinker, the Virgo Coffee Drinker gravitates to the perfect coffee blends. Nothing too complicated for the Virgo. Always looking to perfect the perfect coffee through daily practice. Step One, Step Two, Step Three =  the perfect coffee for me! No reason to get all fancy when trying to master the perfectionist coffee.

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