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Coffee & Kareem

Comedy with Ed Helms. A Netflix original with lots of offensive language and gun violence. The movie, obviously, is not about coffee and conversation. Tell your mom we went to Chuck E Cheese.

Coffee and Cigarettes

A 2003 movie which contains 11 short ‘movies’ containing conversations over coffee and/or cigarettes. Mostly different two-person conversations. One of the films shows Iggy Pop and Tom Waits sitting in a diner having a random conversation over coffee, in black and white.

Coffee Town


Coffee Shop


Lifetime style movie (it is a Hallmark movie) about a single woman living in a small town looking for the perfect partner. A good movie to watch on a Saturday night, alone, with a half-decaf, in bed. In the Faith and Family section.

Coffee With God


Director: Nick Lanciano

Once Upon a Coffee House

Comedy with Curtis Taylor

Coffee Express

Documentary about coffee plantations in Brazil

Love in a Coffee Shop

Comedy in the style of a Lifetime movie.

Transatlantic Coffee

Comedy movie with Kevin Pinassi

Hot Coffee

Documentary which includes the famous McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit from 1994.

Did we miss any movies that have coffee or cafe in the title? Let is know and we will add the movie to the list.

Book quote about coffee
This was written on a coffee mug in The Outsider, a 2018 book by Stephen King. Does this coffee mug appear in the HBO movie?

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