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Ganesh Lounge (2002) Mixed by DJ Raja

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01-Zep Ravi-Kashmir.wav
02-Electic Guru-Krishna Beats.wav
03-Songs of Babylon-Kalaloo.wav
04-West Indian Cartel-Ganesh.wav
05-Camel in the Jungle-Harem.wav
06-Kato-Deep Love (Aquilo’s Arabian Dub).wav
07-Wah Mui Orchestra-Chinese Sweetie.wav
08-Lahsa-Enlightenment (Aquilo’s Mix).wav
09-Himalaya-Bombay Chill.wav – this song could make you want to hit the Next Track button
10-Sri-Indian Exploration.wav
11-Afrolectric-El Habib.wav
12-Afro-Brazil Project-Espirito de Brasil (Aquilo&10 Mix).wav


Very little info on this India themed electronica music

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Max Music

All good tracks. A bit trippy to listen to at times. Worth finding if you like India themed electronic music.

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