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Depresso Meaning

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Despresso Meaning

A word gaining traction in the coffee world: Depresso

An adjective used by hip coffee drinkers when they experience the dreaded Out-Of-Coffee event. A mild case would be when you drank all of your coffee, but still wanted more. A severe case would be when you go to make coffee in the morning and you discover you used all of the coffee grounds the previous morning. Or worse, your roommate or spouse caused the shortage.

[adj.] the feeling you get when you are out of coffee.

Used in a sentence: My mood went from happy to depresso in a matter of seconds when I realized I ran out of coffee.

Depresso will often immobilize a person mentally and physically.
Think of the word depresso as a replacement for the word ‘depressed’.

How to pronounce depresso:  /dɪˈspresoʊ/

Other possible forms of the word:

I was depressoed all day because I couldn’t find a coffee anywhere.

Quit being so depressoy, we’ll go out and get a coffee so your mood improves.

Sometimes depressonation gets the best of me until I find a way to get a coffee.

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