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Maxwell House Liquid Coffee Squirt Bottles

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A new 2015 coffee item seen in stores – The Maxwell House coffee concentrate that looks like the Milo water enhancer bottles. Three flavors in the store: House Blend, Vanilla, and Caramel. These are for ICED COFFEE. Not sure if they will taste good in hot water.


Did not purchase on this visit.

$3.99 each

50 Mg caffeine per serving, 10 total servings.

Seems to be an incomplete product because you have to add milk, cream, perhaps sugar? Something you would make at home vs. “on the go”.

As soon as we are brave enough to buy this coffee concentrate, we will post a complete review and let you all know if this is a product worth looking for in stores.

UPDATE:This is an AMAZING coffee product. Tried the House Blend in skim milk – tastes like iced coffee with mocha, a bit like a coffee spiked chocolate milk, although this did not contain a chocolate flavor.

Our NEXT experiment with this product – adding this to HOT water.


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