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Coke Blak UPDATE: December 2006 THE END OF COKE BLAK??

Where can you buy Coke Blak?  On the official Coke Blak site ( ) the screensavers no longer work, stores like Stop-and-Shop have limited supplies that no longer ”scan” (shows ”Not On File”) The Coke Blak Wallpaper is still available – but HURRY before they delete those! No commercials ever aired for Coke Blak in the US, except for a 10 second teaser during American Idol. On the French version of the Coke Blak site you can view the commercial that aired in France. Poor marketing efforts on Coke. STOCK UP AND SAVE. years from now bottles of Coke Blak will be worth $$$

Coke Blak Screensaver

Get the Screensaver and you get this instead:

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Fear not, we have it burned to a CD.

Welcome Intrigue Welcome sophistication
Welcome Blak
Experience the fusion of Coke effervescence with coffee essence.
Coca-Cola Blak is a premium beverage that will inspire your mind and refresh your mood.
Welcome to the End – too bad if you missed it.

UPDATE 04, December 2006: Wrote to Coca Cola regarding Coke Blak. Asked if the product was being discontinued…and they responded:

Thank you for contacting The Coca-Cola Company, Mr. *****. We are glad to hear from a fan of Coca-Cola BlÃk and apologize that you have had difficulty finding it in your preferred packaging.

Regarding availability, local bottling companies choose which brands to sell and the size of the packaging that will be available in their territories. These decisions are based on consumer demand and other market factors. We believe they are in the best position to make those decisions.

If you would like to contact the bottling company serving your area, you may wish to contact them at the following telephone number: (800) 995-2653 If necessary, they may refer you to a sales center for assistance. Your loyalty to this brand is certainly appreciated. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to visit our website again.

The Coca-Cola Company Industry and Consumer Affairs

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Coke Blak Review:

The Facts: $1.49 for the 8 oz glass bottle. The glass bottle is like the old Coke bottles – the Coke Blak ones have a plastic logo wrapper over the clear glass. The cool logo and design are not painted directly on the bottle. This drink is a mix of Coke, coffee, and caffeine. An 8 oz bottle has about 45 Mg of caffeine. A fresh brewed coffee has about 90 Mg caffeine.

Sight and Sound: When opened there is a small short “Phzzzzt” – a low fizz drink. Not much of a smell. You can”t really see the color of the drink unless you pour it into a glass. It is really dark, like an espresso.

The Taste: A semi-exciting blend of Coke and Blak Coffee. This is a ”mid-calorie drink”. The Coke part tastes like the sweeter NEW Coke that came out years ago, but a lot less fizz. The coffee taste is barely present – the Coke taste dominates. To a NON-coffee drinker the coffee flavor will be more noticeable. Anonymous Coke Blak taste tester: “Ewwww gross, I taste the coffee. Yuck!” Rumor has it that the coffee was stronger in the test market (France).

What needs to change: This needs MORE fizz, and fewer, or NO calories. The coffee needs to be stronger. Throw in some more caffeine too. For the price it SHOULD have MORE CAFFEINE. They could actually try to MARKET this as well. Their Vault drink has a lot more caffeine, but it tastes like Mountain Dew.

The Aftertaste: None.

Summary: A decent drink, won”t replace anyone”s morning coffee. A great item in the growing ”Energy Drink” market though – especially since 99% of the other energy drinks all taste like Mountain Dew. The bottle looks cool too. This drink makes for a perfect chaser for coffee. Try it once and make your own decision! 

Soon to be Popular Phrases: Blak BuzzMan, I”m on a real Blak buzz now! I could dance all night.Aint Coffee “Well, it Aint Coffee, but it will do for now.”

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