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Hillside Self Heating Coffee

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This is the latest in coffee brewing technology – well, not so much of the brewing as the coffee is already brewed. Just Pop, Press, flip, pop, wait… and then drink.

The Facts:

9.5 oz of latte for $2.50. The container is rather heavy.

Sight and Sound:

Turn the container upside down, pop off the metal tamper-proof bottom (like opening a can of cat food). The pre and post ‘pressed’ activation can be seen below. Just press the plastic button thing, wait 10-15 second and then turn the container right side up. Wait about 8-10 min (you can feel the container getting hot, mostly near the top of the container. The label has a pink dot, that, when it turns white, it is ready to drink. There is no sound made during the heating process.

The Taste:

Tastes just like the coffee from those automatic coffee machines that drops a paper cup out, followed by ‘coffee’. It is a latte, so it is not a real strong coffee. Has a decent ‘punch’ of caffeine though. The size of the container is misleading because most of the size and weight is from the heating chemicals (quicklime and water). When you drink this it is gone before you know it.

The Bottom of the Self-Heating Coffee

Other Info:

Feels like drinking out of a military armoured cup with the plastic over metal lid and heavy container. Lots of warnings on the label, such as Do Not Microwave, Do Not Remove Cap, Do Not Pour Out, Do Not Reuse, Do Not Tamper With Container. Warnings should also include: Do Not Pay a Lot for This Coffee.

Final Comments:

Great to have for long train trips, camping events, or for when the electric goes out due to a snow storm, hurricaine, or when your electric gets shut off for not paying the bill.

The Bottom, after you Activate the Heating Device

Sadly, this is hard to find in stores.
Flavors Include: French Vanilla Latte, Mocha Latte,Double Shot Latte, Hazelnut Latte, Rich Chocolate Hot Cocoa, and more!
They also made this in different soup varieties.

The Coffee, after Heating

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