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Java Twix

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Original Review Date: 2009

The Facts:
Size: 2.0 Oz for about .90

Sight and Sound:
Looks like a Twix on the outside. The Coffee Caramel inside is real dark.

The Taste:
Like a Twix, but a hint of coffee taste. This isn’t a weak cappuccino coffee, but actually contains espresso ground coffee!

Final Comments:
Yet another ‘limited editon’ item containing coffee. Limited kinda means, if people really REALLY like the product it won’t be limited, but a regular product. This is a lot better than other ‘limited edition’ coffee products, but the coffee taste is still barely there. The chocolate taste is stronger. A non coffee drinker would probably say “EW, I can taste the coffee!

The caffeine content is most likely zero, or not worth mentioning.

Update: This is available again (as of June 2010)

Information on the re-release of Twix Java:

Does not have the words Limited Edition (doesn’t mean it will always exist though)
It is smaller, size 1.78oz, BUT, the price is much lower too. In Walmart it was priced at .50 cents.
Compared to the first Limited Edition at 2 oz for .90 cents, the smaller size and much lower price makes this a better bargain this time.
The taste is the same, and as far as coffee and chocolate this is one of the best espresso candy bars.

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