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Unhealthy Yogurt Review Liberte Cappuccino

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A nice small container of cappuccino yogurt, sitting next to the Fage Greek yogurts in the dairy section, just waiting to be purchased.

Liberte Cappuccino yogurt

Yep, we bought the yogurt, before reading how unhealthy the product is for a yogurt.

The taste us good, but the regular Greek yogurts are better.

The bad? The massive amount of saturated fats, 7g, 37% of your daily amount. 50mg cholesterol and 27g of sugar.


Perhaps eating a half stick of cappuccino butter would be just as healthy, or, unhealthy. Tasted good, a nice coffee flavor you stir from the bottom.

You may want to eat the single container in the span of a week instead of getting all that unhealthyness in one sitting.


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