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Consider this the poor man’s coffee roaster. This kind of roasting does not allow you to set levels, control roasts, or properly catch the coffee particles that are made when roasting coffee. It is a simple way to do your 1st roast. A popcorn maker like this is not really made to roast coffee, but a fun way to do your coffee roasting. A good starting place to see if you would really like to do home roasting before buying one of the very expensive home coffee roasters.

Home coffee roasting takes time and dedication. You probably couldn’t roast pounds and pounds of coffee with this (it will hold maybe 2-3 oz of coffee beans at a time).

You will amazed on how good tasting the coffee will be. We have instructions on how to roast coffee using this method on our site. One thing to note: once you roast the coffee beans you should let them sit for about 5 days to get the fullest coffee flavor. They won’t have the ideal roasting flavor right after you roast them.

We also have the green coffee beans required for home roasting. Makes a good inexpensive Christmas gift for a coffee lover!

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