Panera Bread Peach Nectar Smoothie

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A newish Spring/Summer drink on the menu at Panera Bread.  The big poster above the Order Here sign, complete with the mention of Ginseng and Low Fat just makes you want to order one.

The taste was perfect – not too peachy!

This had just the right amount of peach and milk to make this a nice cold and healthy choice. The ingredients include Peach Nectar, Ginseng, Organic Low-Fat French Vanilla Yogurt, Organic Low-Fat Milk, and Organic Sugar. This has other minor ingredients like apple puree.

The Facts:

300 calories
1.5g total fat
6g protein
180% RDA for Vitamin C
Comes in a 16.25oz size.
A great drink, indeed – With the calorie count, you may just want to have this as your meal as it is quite filling.

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