Sturdy Replacement Handle for Teapot – Review of the Ruiwaer Bamboo Teapot Handle

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Got this on Amazon to replace the original flimsy tea pot handle.

Replacement Handle

Sturdy and made from bamboo and flexible plastic coated metal bands that wrap around the tea pot loops. This should last for quite a few years, or longer if you make sure to remove it when doing any washing of your tea pot.

Why We Recommend this Bamboo Tea Handle:

What we liked:
This is sturdy and solid bamboo. Not very flexible, so make sure your tea pot measurements match the 5 inch span.
The the ends of the handle use a flexible metal, coated in plastic. These are perfect for holding the handle on the teapot hooks. Obviously you would remove the handle if you put the teapot in the dishwasher.

What we didn’t like:
Nothing to dislike. This is a simple bamboo handle that should last for many years, provide you keep it away from soaking in water. The metal ends have been coated in a plastic, so you shouldn’t have issues with rust.

Bamboo Teapot Handle Replacement

Final note:

After 4+ months of use I can definitely say this is a great replacement on a small ceramic tea pot. Tested with Ooolong, Green Tea, and Black Tea.

Oriental Tea Replacment Handle

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