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WeGotCoffee.com is an ongoing effort to share new and exciting ways to brew coffee at home using different  methods to help you at home with your brewing activities. Learn how to create drinks just like a cafe by using the proper accessories and equipment along with the right roast of  beans.

Be your own Barista, and make the perfect latte or cappuccino and master your gourmet  brewing skills. We help by providing information on where to order your coffee.

Staying awake longer means you’ll have more time to enjoy life!

Product Reviews
If it is coffee or caffeine related we will eventually review it here.

Facts and Information
Ever wanted to know the caffeine content of the newest drink or product? Learn interesting facts and information about one of the greatest drinks ever. Does espresso have more caffeine than a cappuccino?

The Obsession
You know you are obsessed when you have a favorite mug, own a shirt with a witty coffee saying. When you drink about 5 cups a day you can’t help but to think about the delicious brew.

We hope your stay at the WeGotCoffee.com website was delicious and eye-opening.