Do you drink coffee every day too??? is an ongoing effort to share everything we see and consume that is related to coffee. Why? because we like coffee.   ...and remember:

Staying awake longer means you'll have more time to enjoy life!

Product Reviews If it is coffee or caffeine related we will eventually write something about it here.


The Obsession You know you are obsessed when you have a favorite mug, own a shirt with a witty coffee saying. When you drink about 5 cups a day you can't help but to think about the delicious brew. Come here, get something about coffee, and leave. That is pretty much what everyone does here.

Coffee Shops & Bars

The fun places where we order coffee and sip while taking pictures. We visit different shops often, and we take photos to share out experiences. We also bring the coffee experience home with different brands of coffee and consider the at-home coffee shop one of the best.

Everything Starbucks

Our endless features on Starbucks. Bringing the experience to you in reviews and photos. Everything from seasonal drinks, to new items, and even promotional events. Good times!