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Procaffeinating Meaning

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A new, and popular, word for coffee lovers: Procaffeinating. Hey, the word does show as a suggestion as you type in some mobile phones, so the word might be catching on. Use as a verb.


(v.) the tendency to not start
anything until you’ve
had a coffee.

Used in a sentence: I am procaffeinating right now, but as soon as I am done I will start working.

For many it is the way their day officially starts.

Also a good excuse to delay something that will take a lot of thought and focus.

The Procaffeinated Definition Card

Think of the word Procaffeinating as a replacement for the word ‘procrastinating’.

How to pronounce Procaffeinating: /prə ka-fə-ˌādiNG/

Other forms of the word:


That guy is such a procaffeinator that he never seems to get anything done.


She procaffeinated and missed watching Lost on Netflix, and now it is no longer available.


I always procaffeinate before I actually get any work done on a Monday.
How to pronounce Procaffeinate: /prə ka-fə-ˌnāt/


My habit of procaffeination is why I have about 400 unanswered emails.

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