The Iced Green Tea from Panera Bread

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The Iced Green Tea from Panera Bread
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Surprisingly good for iced green tea. Tasted sweet, though. The tea is ‘infused’ with passion fruit and papaya, but lists no sugar in the details.
The large tea has 180 calories!
The calorie count could be why the tea tasted so good. Panera didn’t offer a zero calorie version, and the infusion of other flavors was not optional.
This might be one of the more difficult ones to replicate at home because the added fruit flavors, or juice?, is not easy to find.
We liked the taste very much, although is didn’t taste like unsweetened green tea like we expected. The calories were a big suprise though.
Republic of Tea may be the brand Panera Bread uses for their iced teas. Making your own no-calorie version at home may be much cheaper, and better for you, than the version PB serves.


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