Tropical Hibiscus Tea at Panera Bread

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Tropical Hibiscus Tea at Panera Bread
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The late Summer herbal tea drink at Panera Bread called Tropical Hibiscus, sold along side the Acai Berry tea on the drink menu. This tea was a lot like the Acai one, with the taste being very mild, nice bright color, but very mild. The tea is served ‘as brewed’, meaning there is no sugar in the drink.
A much better alternative to the soda fountain drinks, but you will want to add some kind of sweetener (Equal, or Splenda) to really bring out the good tea taste.
Not sure if you are permitted to get free refills, but, if you are, you can try the drink with either no calorie sweetener, and then try a little sugar to see which type of sweetener brings out the taste. In our drink, we tried it with no sweetener, and then with Splenda. The Splenda version of the tea was much better.
There are different varieties of the Hibiscus, and they all are tropical. ‘Tropical Hibiscus’ just sounds better. The primary health benefit is Vitamin C. Zero calories (it says this on the drink menu)



Yes, you can make this same tea at home.

The Summer teas at Panera won’t be around (or at least we think) once the Fall season has started.


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