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Folgers Black Silk Caffeine Content

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Bold, Yet Smooth – but does it have more caffeine than a typical coffee?

Bold, yet exceptionally smooth with a subtle smoky note.
Wow, with a description like that you just KNOW you want to try it.
Black Silk Coffee
2022 photo

The Facts:

$5.36 for a can (2022 price) 10.3 oz can
$2.99 for a can (2010 price) 10.5 oz can
Shrinkflation 2022

Sight and Sound:

It is dark brown, almost black. It doesn’t make any sounds.

The Taste:

Like coffee. Not a whole lot different. Has a BOLD taste. Kinda like a French Roast, but smoother.

Other Info:

It is a 10.3 oz can in 2022 (10.5 oz can in 2012). Very hard to find a brand of coffee that actually comes in a one pound 16 oz can anymore. Folgers is Mountain Grown – it says so on the can. Their rating system ranks this as a ‘Dark’ coffee. UPC 025500002194.

Black Silk Caffeine Content:

You may think that the really strong taste of coffee means MORE caffeine, it is actually the light roast that has more caffeine. It isn’t THAT much more. An average cup of coffee has 180mg caffeine, a DARK roast may have 170mg, and a light roast may have 190mg. Other factors play a part in the caffeine content, such as the strength of the coffee, and the cup size. So, the Black Silk coffee does not have any more caffeine compared to a regular coffee. Folgers DID have a version of ground coffee with extra/added caffeine.  If you want more caffeine, just use a larger coffee mug.

This does not have any added caffeine.

In short, the longer the coffee is roasted, the more caffeine reduces. – The caffeine content is in the same range as a regular Folgers coffee.
Did you know GREEN coffee beans are loaded with caffeine – but you couldn’t make coffee with them un-roasted.
The roasting process cooks away the caffeine, so go for the light roast if you want MORE caffeine. It isn’t MUCH more, but it is more than a dark roast!

Final Comments:

Looks like coffee, smells like coffee, tastes like coffee. Nothing real different. Has a wicked cool name though! You’ll just want to buy it because it is called Black Silk.

It is Folgers, so it IS good, but just not all that different. The name is really good though.

On the Folgers scale: DARK

2012 photo

Where can you buy Black Silk?

Most grocery stores!

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